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EEP is a nationally prominent supplier and manufacturer of LED bulbs and fixtures, including specialty and custom products.
Commited to Cost Reduction and

Energy Savings

EEP’s high quality LEDs offer customers energy savings of up to 90 percent when compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights.
Comtted to Affordability and

High Quality

EEP provides exceptional quality LED products that are among the most affordable in the industry and all with a five-year warranty.
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EEP’s catalog offerings include basic LED bulbs and fixtures, ranging from miniature bulbs to high-powered metal halide replacements. EEP professionals also are experts in sourcing many custom and specialty LED products not found in our catalog. Click here to view the catalog.
Based in the

United States

EEP is located in Central New York and manufacturers its UL-certified four-foot tube light fixture at its corporate headquarters.
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EEP assists customers who require project financing. The company also offers no cost assistance on applications for government-sponsored rebate programs.